Pick the package that you feel you need most. 

Balancer - $159 (90mins)

Life check status – how are you doing? (2 areas of focus)

Breathing exercise

Chakra balancing

45min Reiki session

Energizer - $219 (120min)

Life check status – how are you doing? (3 areas of focus)

Breathing exercise

Chakra balancing

60min reiki session

Negative energy attachment release 

- Mark Twain

"I had my first ever Reiki session with Narges and it was amazing.  I was not sure what to expect, but was very satisfied with the experience and results.  I felt a lot of energy and got a bit dizzy from all the energy traveling through my body, but knew something was happening.  Afterwards, I felt energy throughout the next few days and was much more relaxed than I was prior to my session.  Narges helped make my first Reiki experience a pleasure as I feel more balanced several weeks later.  I highly recommend that anyone interested in having a Reiki session, to pay Narges a visit." - Greg S. (Santa Monica, CA)

Do you feel stuck in life wishing there could be more but don’t exactly know what that is?

Do you notice the same patterns happening in your life and want a change?

Do you have physical pains that need to recover faster and/or be healed?

Do you want to release stress and emotional pain?


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and

the day you find out why.”

Refresher - $89 (45mins)

Life check status – how are you doing? (1 area of focus)

Breathing exercise

10min Reiki session

"My session with Narges was impressive. The quality of care to someone who had never experienced Reiki before couldn't be better. I was totally in a trance. I felt as though all my negative energy was literally flowing out of me. I could feel the pressure just fade away. If you have never experienced it before or love it, I would highly recommend Narges all the same. Your stress will fade away. What could be better?" - Andrew B. (Culver City, CA)

"Narges is an amazingly talented practitioner of Reiki. The energy I felt throughout the session has honestly lasted weeks and continues to impact my every day life. To begin, the set up of the session with soothing music, lit candles and aroma, and the comfortable massage table with linens really sets the relaxing tone for a beneficial outcome. During the session, I fell into a state of deep relaxation and I felt as if energy was flowing throughout my body in various areas. The entirety of the session, I was in a very relaxed state and felt very rejuvenated when it ended. I couldn't believe an hour had gone by as I was THAT relaxed. For weeks on end and still to this day, I feel less upper back pain, minimal headaches, and overall an overwhelmingly, soothing experience for the entire body. This was a great healing experience and I'd love to continue treatment!" - Christina B. (Menifee,CA)


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